IM Summer Tour

The Millions have been flowing in this Summer and despite the complete lack of Sun this year (thanks England), things are really heating up in the IM camp. We started off by bringing the night north to Manchester, in collaboration with Jäger x Reform Studios. Seeing the talent and passion that resides in Manchester, there’s no doubt that we will be back - stay tuned. More recently, and a little bit closer to home, we took the night over to Queen of Hoxton for our collaboration with Lyrix Organix. It was a joy to celebrate their 10th anniversary with them and to have so many beautiful souls bless the mic.

Here are some unexpected places that you can expect to see us next:

  • Amsterdam: Zoku - June 21st

  • Amsterdam: Ceuvel Sessions, Raft Jam Edition - June 22nd

  • British Library/Somerstown Festival - July 13th

  • Cafe Artum, Birmingham - August 8th

In the meantime, we’ll be at The Book Club every first Sunday of the month as normal. But who knows, what’s possible from here?