Imaginary Millions x #girlstothefront

On the 3rd of March Imaginary Millions is going to be celebrating all things female. The hashtag we have on the poster and the thought for the night is #girlstothefront. We've curated an all-womxn band. Ever since deciding to do this I (Rob, identifying as cis straight white male) have been thinking "what's my/our role". I've had other men come up to me as well going "shall I just be the audience this time?"

I recently read Priya Parker's book The Art of Gathering. In it she highlights how important exclusivity is, who you don't invite, in order to achieve the purpose of a particular event.


Now on the 3rd of March I want ALL Imaginary Millionaires to show up and show out. But to the men I say, come thinking how you can support and uplift. How can you embrace your own feminine spirit (and yes, it's a part of you) in the nurturing of the people who get up on stage? There isn't a definitive rule book here - but, as a guide, what I'm NOT looking for is 256 bars of singular male energy on this night.

And what's my role? Again, I'm leaning into an unknown here so rather than being scared at getting feminism wrong I'm just curious what we find by having our intentions all tuned towards #girlstothefront. We'll be joined by a female keyboardist but I will bring a small keyboard with me to jam a little and I will host. I'm clear on what my role is and and what the purpose of the night is and I will host from that place. Let's build and find out together.

Rob Major