2019: Ones To Watch

We had an amazing year of growth in 2018. As well as being able to watch our label and our nights grow from strength to strength, we had the privilege of not only watching our resident creative do the same, but also seeing up-and-coming talent join our community. We’re definitely hoping for a big year of more of the same in 2019, with heaps of new talent, new locations, new music and ultimately new imaginary millionaires. As we love to share the wealth, here are just a few of our ones to watch over the next twelve months and beyond. 


NARDEYDEY is a London-based jazz and pop artist. Her debut single “Speedial” dropped late last year and her reputation as a ‘versatile and exciting’ musician in Jazz is already picking up steam. Having started out in the phenomenal all-woman collective Nérija, Nardeydey is no stranger to the stage. Look out for her on one near you this year. This recommendation comes from the bossman Rob Major himself, alongside big ups to some of our very own: Vicky O’NeonMuta Solace, and Azyre Blue


TANAKA is an international spoken-word artist and published poet. Their words speak of intersectionality, queerness, Blackness and general ways of navigating the feeling of being ‘othered’. Tanaka performs regularly across London and has already kicked off 2019 with some exciting sets, so watch this space. This recommendation comes from writer and spoken-word artist Salma El-Wardany. 


ORIN BEGUM describes herself as a part-time poet and a full-time lawyer. Shortlisted for the Asia House Poetry Slam last year, her poetry addresses her experiences as a South Asian Muslim Woman. This recommendation comes from Ali Hussain, a part-time poet and full-time carpenter. Ali suggests that you start by reading/listening to Orin’s piece “Brown Woman Politics”. 


LAPP is a singer songwriter based in London, infusing R&B with influences from Folk to Soul to Rock and just about anything that sparks his interest. His lyrics aim to speak towards the human condition whilst putting on paper his own personal experiences of living. His latest single “Tennessee” is out now and he will be performing around the UK this year. This recommendation comes from Lemzi, who’s also keen to show love to 4iSharna Cane, and Tray Avlon


TRUEMENDOUS is a story-teller first and foremost, infusing her lyrics with ‘ear clenching wordplay, bizarre punchlines and in detailed poetry’. Originally from Birmingham, Truemendous is now based in London and is currently working on her first poetry book. This recommendation comes from Repeat Beat Poet along with some major shout outs to Genevieve CarverBrokenPen, BirdspeedAmyra LeonFootshooter and Donna Leake


JND a.k.a. jas0nbeats, is a West Yorkshire rapper and beatmaker. JND is also part of Hip Hop trio, Flamegriller, also based in West Yorkshire, whose new record has recently been released. JND’s album spools came out in Summer last year and available to listen to via his bandcamp. This recommendation comes from resident author and spoken-word artist Lisa Luxx who describes JND’s ethos as ‘grounded and earthly’.


AZADI.MP3 is my personal recommendation for somebody that needs to be on your radar. She’s a shapeshifter, self-directing her music videos, singing, producing, also acting in short films, and more recently starring in channel 4 featured comedy ‘Lady Parts’. Azadi.mp3 is only getting started, this year promises big collaborations in both the music and clothing scene, as well as more acting and directing. Stay ready. As well as azadi, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for anaïsNULAAmahlaSam Rendina, and Shingai Shoniwa.

2019 is going to be seeped in talent across the UK and beyond. We’ll see a lot of it spring up within our own camp but what’s best is that we’ll get to witness so much talent that we haven’t yet seen or heard of. If that’s you, we hope to see you at one of our nights. Until then, keep an eye on the cats listed above. They won’t disappoint.

Joy Warmann