What's Possible From Here?


Someone asked me last year “what would you do with a million dollars?”

I said “start a record label.”

In the ensuing days I realised that I didn’t need a million dollars to start a label and, in fact, what about owning a label was actually important to me.

We had been recording a bunch of stuff and we had some masters that I had no idea what to do with. The label would a good outlet for that. Good starting point/

But more importantly, it could a be a platform that could begin to promote, support, pay, all of the the artists that we had started collaborating with. And then, I was curious what might happen from there.

Since 2012 I have been putting on a haphazardly irregular hip hop jam night called Excursions. We had a live trio that would play and we’d get people down on the mic - pretty standard hip hip jam vibes. I always had the sense that more was possible; that we could be more courageous, that artists could dig deeper not feel like they needed to “perform” but rather just turn up as their most magnificent selves. Audience could turn up not just to be seen or be there but to actually listen and to grow. And, as has happened many times this year, an audience member could leave a first-time performer.

So in 2018, I’ve invested a lot in Imaginary Millions - the night. All this intention is what I’ve always had for my music and, over my last 37 years, have executed on it haphazardly. This is me committing to it. The Night is a microcosm of what I want the label to look, feel and sound like. The fullness of art, community, courage and culture.

And I’ve not been disappointed, in fact I’m in awe of everyone who has come down and given of what they have: their words, their dreams, their courage, their attempts, their space, their attention, their money, their openness, their silence, their volume.

I’m so thankful.

#whatpossiblefromhere is the tag for |maginary Millions. Everytime we’ve completed something that has amazed, surprised or floored us we can stand, celebrate and then reflect an ask that question.

This year we’ve shown what is possible and at the same time: there’s so much more land to explore. I look forward to many more nights next year, more frequent releases, cool collabs and other events.

But for now, come celebrate for the last Imaginary Millions night this year on 4th of November. Tix are on Dice.

I love you all.

Rob MajorComment